Monday, June 4, 2018

Carrollton Rotary Club Member, Mike Lee Admits to Fraud

Carrollton Rotary Club stalwart Mike Lee was sued in 2016 along with his wife Lisa Hubl Lee and Suntrust Bank in a complicated fraud case by an investor in one of his real estate ventures. The plaintiff in the case has always held that he was fraudulently induced to invest money with Mike Lee and his wife Lisa Hubl Lee. This lawsuit happens to be in the middle of the discovery phase. Discovery is when the plaintiff ask questions and request documents of the defendant and visa versa.   Given the strong affiliations of both Mike Lee and Lisa Hubl Lee as well as the plaintiff.  This has been a very high profile case.  With protest being held in Carrollton on the square and in Douglasville on Fairburn Rd.
Mike Lee protest on the square in Carrollton

 We have obtained through the court Carrollton Rotary club member Mike Lee's responses to discovery questions in this case. Mike Lee was asked "if the plaintiff invested with him on the purchase and rehab of a house". Mike Lee responded that  "he had used 20,000 dollars of the plaintiff's money toward the purchase and rehabilitation of a house". Mike Lee admits never paying the plaintiff's original investment or any profit. Thus Mike Lee has admitted to fraudulent inducement. Having a very high profile member admit to this in court filings looks very bad for the Carrollton Rotary Club.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mike Lee Carrollton Fraud Great Video

Mike Lee Carrollton Fraud Great Video


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Mike Lee Carroll County
Mike Lee Douglasville
Mike Lee Fairfield Plantation
Mike Lee Midway Church
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Michael Larry Lee
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Mike Lee Carrollton Rotary Club

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Carrollton Business Man Mike Lee Sued for Fraud and His Attorney Recused!

     Carrollton business man Mike Lee was sued along with his wife Lisa Hubl Lee and SunTrust Bank last December for fraud. Mike Lee and Lisa Hubl Lee are Fairfield Plantation residents who attend Midway Baptist Church in Villa Rica Georgia.  Their recent legal dispute was all due to a real estate transaction that occurred in 2015.  The plaintiff in the case states that he invested money with Mike Lee and his wife Lisa Hubl Lee.  He also states that he was promised to get his money back along with a return on his investment after the property was resold.  The plaintiff states in his lawsuit, that he neither got his money back nor his return on investment after the property was resold by the defendants.

   Mike Lee and Lisa Hubl Lee answered the lawsuit and retained legal council of attorney Victor Harrison.  Attorney Harrison's law firm is the same law firm that handled the original closing on the property in question.  This creates a problem because Victor Harrison's firm would of course be called to testify in the case.  This also shows Mike Lee's willingness to squelch the testimony of attorney Harrison's firm by retaining them as council.  This clear conflict was noticed immediately by the plaintiff.  He filed a motion as well as a affidavit to recuse attorney Harrison.  Attorney Harrison never challenged the motion and voluntarily recused himself as council for the defendants Mike Lee and Lisa Hubl Lee.  This is just the latest in a long drawn out legal battle, that the plaintiff in this case has waged, trying to recover his money from Mike Lee and Lisa Hubl Lee.  It all started with a theft by conversion case filed in Carrollton against Mike Lee.

Protest Staged on The Square in Carrollton against Mike Lee

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Midway Church Member Mike Lee Sued for Fraud in Carrollton!

     Midway Church member Mike Lee has been sued for fraud in Carrollton.  Paper work filed in Carrollton alleges Mike Lee and his wife Lisa Hubl Lee defrauded a man on a real estate transaction in Douglasville.  The lawsuit filed in Carrollton states that the victim invested money with Mike Lee and Lisa Hubl Lee.  The lawsuit states the money was used to purchase and rehabilitate a property.

     Court documents state the property was then resold by Mike and Lisa Hubl Lee.  The victim states in documents released by the court "that both the initial investment and all profits were kept by the defendants".  We are not aware of any action if any has been taken by law enforcement in this case. It seems as though this should be a criminal as well as a civil case.  We hope that this issue is resolved and if court documents are correct the victim is returned their money.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Carrollton Developer Mike Lee Taken to Court on Theft Charges!

Mike Lee is a Carrollton developer who lives in Fairfield Plantation with his wife Lisa Hubl Lee was taken to court on theft by conversion charges. This happened on December 2, 2015 in Carroll County Magistrate court in Carrollton Georgia. Joshua Stanley alleged that Mike Lee took money that was to be joint profits from a real estate transaction and converted the money to his own use.

Joshua Stanley entered into evidence a bank wire that he had made to Mike Lee's attorney in the amount of 20,000 dollars. Mr Stanley said that the day before Mike Lee texted him an explicit offer explaining their agreement. The agreement was he would not only receive his initial investment of 20,000 dollars and a return on investment of 2,000 once the property was sold. Mr. Stanley stated that once the property was sold Mike Lee converted the money to his on use. Mike Lee didn't deny the bank wire or the text. Mike Lee argued that the real estate was located in Douglas County and not Carroll County and that this was a Douglas County case. Joshua Stanley stated that the merits of his case where never in dispute, and jurisdiction is the only argument Mike Lee presented.

Judge Johnson Carroll County's Magistrate judge did not make a direct ruling in the case. He asked that both parties attend mediation to resolve the matter. It's our understanding that both parties did attend mediation in Carrollton provided by the court and the matter still remains unresolved. The public was so outraged by this outcome, a very public picket was staged later that day on the square in Carrollton, in front of the corporate offices of West Georgia Technical College.

A picket against Mike Lee on the square in Carrollton.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mike Lee Fairfield Plantation Cheat is a Great Video Made By Roger Richard About Michael Larry Lee

Mike Lee Carrollton 
Mike Lee Carroll County 
Mike Lee Fairfield Plantation 
Mike Lee Midway Church 
Mike Lee West Georgia Technical College

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tributaries at Fairfield Plantation Developer Mike Lee Sued for Fraud in Carroll County!

     Mike Lee a Fairfield Plantation resident and developer was sued along with his wife Lisa Hubl Lee and SunTrust Bank in December of 2016.  The plaintiff in the case makes the accusation that he was defrauded of money by the defendants.  Court documents filed in the lawsuit state that " Plaintiff shows that Defendant acted WILLFULLY and WANTONLY is his refusal to repay the Plaintiff’s investment plus the return on investment.  Defendant coerced the Plaintiff into investing money with him and made representations that the investment would be safe and return a profit.  Defendant assured that the profit would be virtually guaranteed due to the information provided to Defendant MIKE LEE by LISA LEE from Defendant SUNTRUST BANK."

     This all stems from a real estate transaction that occurred in Douglasville.  It appears that A Quality Storage in Douglasville on Fairburn Rd is owned by Michael Larry Lee, which is Mike Lee's legal name.  This is where Mr.  Stanley alleges that he and Mike L. Lee entered into an agreement to invest in a property located in Douglasville.  

     Mr. Stanley contends that on Feb 23, 2015 he wired 20,000 dollars to ​Harrison & Horan, P.C. for a real estate closing the following day in Mike Lee's name. According to Douglas County tax records, the property was purchased from Mike Lee on June, 29 2015 for substantially more money.  Mike Lee has yet to return Mr. Stanley's money to him nor any return on his investment.

     The Plaintiff says that he met Mike Lee and his wife Lisa Hubl Lee at Midway Baptist Church, and knew that Mike Lee was a board member for West Georgia Technical College.  He also stated "I just thought that Mike Lee was an honest stand up guy...I was wrong." This story was first reported on by The Georgia Citizen.  We have included a link to their article.