Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Carrollton Developer Mike Lee Taken to Court on Theft Charges!

Mike Lee is a Carrollton developer who lives in Fairfield Plantation with his wife Lisa Hubl Lee was taken to court on theft by conversion charges. This happened on December 2, 2015 in Carroll County Magistrate court in Carrollton Georgia. Joshua Stanley alleged that Mike Lee took money that was to be joint profits from a real estate transaction and converted the money to his own use.

Joshua Stanley entered into evidence a bank wire that he had made to Mike Lee's attorney in the amount of 20,000 dollars. Mr Stanley said that the day before Mike Lee texted him an explicit offer explaining their agreement. The agreement was he would not only receive his initial investment of 20,000 dollars and a return on investment of 2,000 once the property was sold. Mr. Stanley stated that once the property was sold Mike Lee converted the money to his on use. Mike Lee didn't deny the bank wire or the text. Mike Lee argued that the real estate was located in Douglas County and not Carroll County and that this was a Douglas County case. Joshua Stanley stated that the merits of his case where never in dispute, and jurisdiction is the only argument Mike Lee presented.

Judge Johnson Carroll County's Magistrate judge did not make a direct ruling in the case. He asked that both parties attend mediation to resolve the matter. It's our understanding that both parties did attend mediation in Carrollton provided by the court and the matter still remains unresolved. The public was so outraged by this outcome, a very public picket was staged later that day on the square in Carrollton, in front of the corporate offices of West Georgia Technical College.

A picket against Mike Lee on the square in Carrollton.

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