Saturday, May 27, 2017

Midway Church Member Mike Lee Sued for Fraud in Carrollton!

     Midway Church member Mike Lee has been sued for fraud in Carrollton.  Paper work filed in Carrollton alleges Mike Lee and his wife Lisa Hubl Lee defrauded a man on a real estate transaction in Douglasville.  The lawsuit filed in Carrollton states that the victim invested money with Mike Lee and Lisa Hubl Lee.  The lawsuit states the money was used to purchase and rehabilitate a property.

     Court documents state the property was then resold by Mike and Lisa Hubl Lee.  The victim states in documents released by the court "that both the initial investment and all profits were kept by the defendants".  We are not aware of any action if any has been taken by law enforcement in this case. It seems as though this should be a criminal as well as a civil case.  We hope that this issue is resolved and if court documents are correct the victim is returned their money.

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