Thursday, June 15, 2017

Carrollton Business Man Mike Lee Sued for Fraud and His Attorney Recused!

     Carrollton business man Mike Lee was sued along with his wife Lisa Hubl Lee and SunTrust Bank last December for fraud. Mike Lee and Lisa Hubl Lee are Fairfield Plantation residents who attend Midway Baptist Church in Villa Rica Georgia.  Their recent legal dispute was all due to a real estate transaction that occurred in 2015.  The plaintiff in the case states that he invested money with Mike Lee and his wife Lisa Hubl Lee.  He also states that he was promised to get his money back along with a return on his investment after the property was resold.  The plaintiff states in his lawsuit, that he neither got his money back nor his return on investment after the property was resold by the defendants.

   Mike Lee and Lisa Hubl Lee answered the lawsuit and retained legal council of attorney Victor Harrison.  Attorney Harrison's law firm is the same law firm that handled the original closing on the property in question.  This creates a problem because Victor Harrison's firm would of course be called to testify in the case.  This also shows Mike Lee's willingness to squelch the testimony of attorney Harrison's firm by retaining them as council.  This clear conflict was noticed immediately by the plaintiff.  He filed a motion as well as a affidavit to recuse attorney Harrison.  Attorney Harrison never challenged the motion and voluntarily recused himself as council for the defendants Mike Lee and Lisa Hubl Lee.  This is just the latest in a long drawn out legal battle, that the plaintiff in this case has waged, trying to recover his money from Mike Lee and Lisa Hubl Lee.  It all started with a theft by conversion case filed in Carrollton against Mike Lee.

Protest Staged on The Square in Carrollton against Mike Lee

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