Monday, June 4, 2018

Carrollton Rotary Club Member, Mike Lee Admits to Fraud

Carrollton Rotary Club stalwart Mike Lee was sued in 2016 along with his wife Lisa Hubl Lee and Suntrust Bank in a complicated fraud case by an investor in one of his real estate ventures. The plaintiff in the case has always held that he was fraudulently induced to invest money with Mike Lee and his wife Lisa Hubl Lee. This lawsuit happens to be in the middle of the discovery phase. Discovery is when the plaintiff ask questions and request documents of the defendant and visa versa.   Given the strong affiliations of both Mike Lee and Lisa Hubl Lee as well as the plaintiff.  This has been a very high profile case.  With protest being held in Carrollton on the square and in Douglasville on Fairburn Rd.
Mike Lee protest on the square in Carrollton

 We have obtained through the court Carrollton Rotary club member Mike Lee's responses to discovery questions in this case. Mike Lee was asked "if the plaintiff invested with him on the purchase and rehab of a house". Mike Lee responded that  "he had used 20,000 dollars of the plaintiff's money toward the purchase and rehabilitation of a house". Mike Lee admits never paying the plaintiff's original investment or any profit. Thus Mike Lee has admitted to fraudulent inducement. Having a very high profile member admit to this in court filings looks very bad for the Carrollton Rotary Club.

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